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TC System 6000 Music incl ICON

System 6000 Music
  • TC System 6000 Music incl ICON
  • TC System 6000 Music incl ICON
  • TC System 6000 Music incl ICON

Music 6000 is tailormade for music production in all forms.

Regardless of whether you're tracking and need to setup a bit of subtle comfort reverb for the performer, or have reached the mixing stage, Music 6000 delivers all of your favorite tools and effects.

You can even keep an eye on your loudness level at all times with the LM6 Loudness Radar Meter, which is particularly important if your content is meant for broadcast.

In other words, it has become even easier for you to find the right combination of tools for this legendary platform. We have simply gathered and pre-installed all the tools relevant for music production so the system is ready to perform right out of the box.

Music 6000 gives you no less than 18 pristine, multichannel and stereo reverbs plus the M5000 state-of-the-art delay, chorus and phaser effects as well as hundreds of presets.

For dynamics processing, our acclaimed MD3 and MD4 multiband compressors as well as Brickwall Limiter 2 have you covered.

Also included is Matrix 88, a digital 8-channel summing mixer, offering upsampled limiting, 48 bit summing, accurate delays and bit transparency.

On top of this, you get our famous LM6 Loudness Radar Meter and the unmatched, sweet MDW HiRes EQ developed strictly to the personal specifications of the legendary George Massenburg.

The hardware platform of Music 6000 has been tested intensively in the most demanding production environments since 1999.

You will find System 6000 in literally thousands of world-leading recording, film, post and mastering studios all over the world, and in quite a few OB vans and broadcast production studios as well.

The platform has won no less than three of the prestigious TEC Awards over the years. In 2000 for the original System 6000, in 2005 for Mastering 6000 and in 2010 for System 6000 MKII.

Surround Reverbs: VSS Surround VSS 6.1 VSS 5.1 Source VSS M4 Reflector6 SpacePan

Stereo Reverbs: VSS 4HD VSS 3 NonLin2 DVR2 Reflector LCR Reverb 2 Reverb 3 Delay 1 Delay 2 Core 2 Phaser Chorus

Stereo Mastering Tools MD4 MD3 Brickwall Limiter 2 Matrix 88

Music Tools LM6 MDW HiRes EQ VariPitch8 Toolbox 5.1


System 6000 Music inkl ICON

€ 19.866,00

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