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SSL X-Rack Mic Pre' Module

XL9000 MICpre
  • SSL X-Rack Mic Pre\' Module
  • SSL X-Rack Mic Pre\' Module
  • SSL X-Rack Mic Pre\' Module
  • SSL X-Rack Mic Pre\' Module
  • SSL X-Rack Mic Pre\' Module
  • SSL X-Rack Mic Pre\' Module

XL9000 MICpre/Line/Instrument - HiCut LoCut - super clean

Angelically pure and versatile input section with a choice of three separate input amplifiers; Mic amp, front panel Instrument input or Line input. Designed for transparency and versatility with a set of High and Low Pass Filters, phase reverse and everything you need from a very classy workhorse.

Key Features:

  • Electronically balanced ultra high bandwidth input with -5dB to +75dB gain control & Pad switch
  • Continuously Variable input impedance control (1.2kOhm to 10kOhm) can accommodate signals from instruments or be adjusted to suit a wide range of microphones
  • Phase Reverse & Phantom Power
  • Dedicated Additional XLR Line Input
  • Front panel instrument input with ground lift switch
  • Independently switched 12dB/Octave HF (Low-Pass) Filter
  • Independently switched 18dB/Octave LF (High-Pass) Filter
  • Independent routing to L & R Record bus

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To build a Duality / AWS / XL9000K channelstrip:
XL 9000k Super Analogue Preamp
XL9000k G/E-black Knob MONO-EQ
XL9000K MONO Channel Dynamics

XL9000k G/E-black Knob STEREO-EQ
XL9000K STEREO Channel Dynamics

To build a SL4000 E channelstrip:
VHD Preamp + Listen Mic Compressor
SL4000E black Knob/brown Knob MONO-EQ
SL4000E MONO Channel Dynamics

To build a SuperAnaloge Summing Mixer with Total Recall:
8channel Line Input (4 Stereo)
4channel Line Input (4 Mono)
Master Bus and Monitor Control

last but not least:
Stereo BusCompressor
Blank Panel


XRack Mic Pre' Module

€ 840,00

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