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TubeTech MMC 1A

Tube MicPre - Multiband Compressor
  • TubeTech MMC 1A
  • TubeTech MMC 1A
  • TubeTech MMC 1A

Inspired by the success shown by our much-acclaimed TUBE-TECH SMC 2B Stereo Multiband Compressor, we have introduced this very special recording channel: A High End microphone preamplifier & multiband compressor with outstanding sonic properties – the MMC1A multiband recording channel

MMC1A can be a big help when recording or mixing difficult sources like very dynamic voices or instruments where the tonal character changes with level.

MMC1A can deliver "automated" control where it normally takes hours of work to achieve perfect results. Many singers have been "saved" by the MMC1A.

Try the MMC1A on bass, acoustic or electric, It''s amazing, how it makes the instrument sit perfect in the mix! Bass instruments can be dynamically treated to get rid of frequencies that makes the sound muddy.

MMC1A also opens up new exiting creative possibilities in recording and mixing full frequency range sources. Acoustic guitars and drums can be treated in a whole new way with endless possibilities.

The MMC1A is very often used to process vocals in sound reinforcement with excellent results.

The MMC 1A encompasses a complete front-end, including an additional direct Instrument input as well as a separate line input.

The microphone input has switchable loading impedance, phantom power, phase reversal and a –20 dB Pad. All inputs are equipped with a low-cut filter.

The 3-band optical compressor is designed to maintain optimum summing of all three bands with a remarkably flat frequency response. A bypass switch shorts out the whole compressor.

Mic. Input/Output are balanced and have fully floating transformers with a static screen. The Line Input is unbalanced, but an optional transformer is available. The power supply and the sidechain circuits are based on a solid state circuit. With the exception of the output stage all DC voltages are stabilised.



€ 3.930,00

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