Bolin DANTE AV-HDMI Receiver


DanteAV Decoder Pair With Bolin D412/D220 DanteAV PTZ Camera
Pair with Bolin D412/D220 DanteAV PTZ camera, or use it as standard DanteAV decoder, D Series decoder integrates into Dante Audio over IP platform using a standard 1 Gbps network. With a rich set of Dante control interfaces, support for Dante Device Protocol, packet bridging, AES67, plus video and HDCP encryption, professional onboard scaling, D10 can seamlessly connect a DanteAV product with networked control to the growing ecosystem of both Dante AV and Dante Audio-enabled products.

Multi-screen Video Display Routing
Dante AV Decoder, it receives the signal from a DanteAV PTZ camera or an encoder and feeds it to a display device via the HDMI and/or 12G-SDI output. Using familiar Dante Controller software, the decoder can quickly and easily switch between multiple DanteAV endpoints including cameras or encoders on the network, with no need for breakouts or matrix switches to display the video on any number of screens, and provide the video for video router system to use.

Implementation of HDCP 2.2 Encryption
Adheres to the latest HDCP 2.2 specification for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. Allows protected content streams to pass between authenticated devices.

Dante Controller Supported
Full setup and control and monitoring of the device is enabled through Dante Controller that delivers standard Dante features such as automatic device discovery and system configuration, making network setup a simple plug and play experience.

Always Up To Date
Firmware updates, upgrade via Dante Controller IP interface to keep the decoder features and performance up to date.

Audio Formats, Dante Audio over IP, AES67 RTP
The D Series Dante AV Decoder supports industry-standard AES67- compatible networked audio streams from encoders and audio interfaces. The received Dante audio streaming or AES67 audio stream can be combined with the video and then output via the HDMI output.

Two Ethernet Ports and POE
The D Series Dante AV Decoder includes two RJ-45 1000BASE-T ports can be used to transport video over a Gigabit Ethernet network. Ports 1 for Dante network primary connection and Port 2 can be used to daisy-chain other endpoints. Port 1 is also capable of receiving power.

D Series decoder has two models:
■ D10H has HDMI output only, which provides decoded image to output via HDMI 2.0. Integrated high-performance scaling engine provides upscaling and downscaling to the encoded source for a wide array of UHD, HD resolutions to match the different capabilities and requirements of sources, displays, codecs, and other equipment.

USB control over IP that can be switched and routed alongside the AV signal or separately via a control system allows you to use a USB mouse and/or keyboard to control a remote computer via the Dante network. USB On The Go (OTG) for keyboard and mouse

Manufacturer: BOLIN Technology


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