DX 32 - DANTE - BNCMadi - 8 AES - dual PSU

SKU: DX 32

DX32R is your versatile digital audio Swiss knife - an interface and matrix designed for multiple audio applications such as multi-room recording studios, post-production facilities and audio distribution installations. It allows you to route all digital input and output and manage them on a mono channel basis within a single unit or a combination of units.

With near zero latency, the DX32R can be used to expand I/O channel count and interface digital components, providing a high quality bridge between AES/EBU, MADI and the Dante IP audio network.

Key Features
- 8 AES3 I/O interfaces, 16 channels I/O
- 1 MADI coax I/O, 64 channels I/O
- 2 optional MADI coax or optical I/O, 128 channels I/O
- Redundant Power Supply
- Ethernet IP audio interface for 64 I/O channels using Dante(TM)
- High precision internal clock and PLL

Key Benefits
- Flexible patching and routing of digital audio signals
- Stand alone IP audio interface and format converter
- Interface for major digital audio workstations
- Low latency, tightly synchronized, transport of uncompressed audio over IP networks using off the shelf switches

DX32R include a 384x384 multiplexer, enabling all digital inputs and outputs to be routed in any combination; this enables the unit to also split signals for advanced signal distribution.

Manufacturer: DAD Digital Audio Denmark


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