Flea 4750

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FLEA 4750 - replaceable head for FLEA47 or Neumann U47 microphones.

The basket of 47 is equipped with 38mm acrylic ball with 1/2 inch gold sputtered capsule. Similar sound characteristic like M50.

Turn your U47 to great weapon for ambient recording from classic to rock,n,roll. As a pair it´s great for AB stereo recording e.g. of symphonic orchestra ...

Simply unscrew three screws on your U47 basket, remove your U47 head and fit with 4750. The head is stored in wooden box.

* Directional pattern: omni
* Frequency range: 40Hz - 18kHz
* Sensitivity at 1kHz: 27mV/Pa
* Rated impedance: 50/200 Ohm
* Rated load impedance: min 500/2000 Ohm

Manufacturer: FLEA Microphones


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