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Focusrite Audio Engineering has pioneered professional audio recording technology spanning almost three decades.
Focusrite Pro, the company's professional and commercial division, meets the demands of recording, post-production, live sound and broadcast professionals. It consists of RedNet, a fully modular audio-over-IP solution, and the Red range, Focusrite's flagship multi-format interfaces, along with the heritage ISA range of microphone preamplifiers and analogue signal processors.
The solutions have been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications through a relentless focus on ease of use, quality and reliability.
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RedNet D64R

2,698.80 €
SKU: RedNet D64R

Rednet AM2

598.80 €

Rednet A16R MKII

3,498.00 €
SKU: Focusrite A16R MKII

Rednet HD32R Protools Dante Interface

1,668.00 €
SKU: Rednet HD32R

Rednet X2P

1,080.00 €
SKU: Rednet X2P

Red 8 Pre

3,696.00 €
SKU: Red 8 Pre

Red 4 Pre

2,180.00 €
SKU: Red 4 Pre

Red 16 Line

3,096.00 €
SKU: Red 16 Line

Focusrite Rednet D16R MKII

2,004.00 €
SKU: Rednet-D16R MKII