WSDG Walters Storyk Design Group
As part of the WSDG family we solve acoustic issues and build studios and theatres from scratch.

The story begins when John Storyk built the legendary studio for Jimmy Hendrix, Electric Lady, in 1968. Originally Jimmy wanted to renovate a club, but his engineer, Eddie Kramer, convinced him to build the first artist owned studio ever.
John was commissioned to do the work and that laid the base for an amazing success story. (read more...)

Eversince John and his team built over 4000 acoustic spaces.
After years of collaboration on various projects, we are very honoured to be part of this amazing family!

Where we can help you:
* from Home Cinemas to Olympic Stadiums
* from Studios to Concert Halls
* from Theatres to Opera Houses
* from Meeting Rooms to Universities and Houses of Parliament
* Industry and Showrooms
* did i mention Studios?

What we do for you:
* Measurements - find out what needs to be done.
* Acoustic Simulations - make the maths right from the beginning that you do not need to build two times.
* Acoustic Insulation - don't annoy the neighbours, and don't let the neighbours annoy you.
* Acoustic Treatment - make your room sound right.
* Audio-Video-IT planning - apart from normal electrical planning, audio/video systems need some special attention.
* Build Supervision for the most complex Room-in-Room constructions - even if you decide you build it yourself, we help you that nothing goes wrong. If you need specialists to do the work, we link you to our extensive network of experienced companies.
* we help the HVAC people build the correct Ventilation / Air Condition / Heating system for you. A studio is only as silent as the air condition system.
* End-Measurements - to confirm the end result is according to plan.

The WSDG Family:
consists of more than 80 individuals in many offices worldwide.
for every project a dedicated team of specialists is selected out of the many professionals in the family, depending on the needs of your project.

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