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Bolin Technology is a leading manufacturer of PTZ cameras offering broadcast quality images and low latency video and audio technologies to simplify communication, collaboration, and connectivity. The company was founded in 2002 as a contract manufacturer of PTZ camera products. Since then, Bolin has built strategic relationships with leading providers of optical image processing, video transport technologies and low latency video/audio streaming standards to integrate into Bolin’s line of affordable professional video cameras and accessories for the new generation of broadcasters and video streamers.

BOLIN 4k60 PTZ Camera

Shortly Avaliable
4,188.00 €
SKU: D412

BOLIN 1080p PTZ Camera

Shortly Avaliable
3,480.00 €
SKU: D220

Bolin DANTE AV-HDMI Receiver

Shortly Avaliable
2,640.00 €

BOLIN PTZ Camera Controller

Shortly Avaliable
2,232.00 €
SKU: KBD-1010