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Since 1975 Harrison has been one of the world’s leading console brands for music recording/mixing, film and television sound post-production, cloud-based broadcast sound, and live sound reinforcement. They are credited with bringing the first ‘in-line console’ to market, which revolutionised studio production allowing engineers to combine the features of recording and mixing into a single mixer strip. Harrison Consoles were the Studio Standard before the SSL Revolution with numerous Hits being produced and Mixed on a Harrison 3232 console, inlcuding Michael Jackson's Thriller and Bad, Queen, Abba, Led Zeppelin and many more. The 32C is the modern version of the 3232, Developed by Harrison in Nashville, built by SSL in Oxford.

Harrison 32Cpre+ 500-Series

798.00 €
SKU: 32Cpre+

Harrison Comp

438.00 €
SKU: Comp

Harrison MR3eq

438.00 €
SKU: MR3eq

Harrison 32Classic -DANTE 32channel

119,952.00 €
SKU: Harrison 32cDANTE -32

Harrison 32Classic -DANTE 48channel

180,000.00 €
SKU: Harrison 32cDANTE -48