Harrison MR3eq

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3-band parametric EQ with HP filters

Originally developed for the Harrison MR3 studio console, the MR3eq stands out as one of Harrison's most popular EQ designs, renowned for its punchy, smooth sound, and powerful sculpting capabilities. Introduced in 1981, the Music Recording 3 (MR3) console rapidly became the preferred tool for numerous leading engineers and studios worldwide, helping to create some of the most iconic albums from the 70s and 80s. Like all Harrison production tools, the MR3 EQ delivers the vibe to inspire artists and the precision for engineers to excel. Thanks to the MR3eq module, the distinctive Harrison sound is now accessible in the 500 Series format.

The MR3eq is a high-performance analog EQ, crafted from decades of experience in equalizer and filter design. The circuit design of this EQ allows for precision in surgical tasks or the creation of broad musical strokes with lots of band interaction for a rich and colorful sonic character. 3-band parametric EQ with HPF

The MR3eq is a powerful three-band parametric equalizer that features High-frequency 6 dB/octave Shelf bands, which can be switched to a 2nd order Bell response with Harrison’s renowned proportional Q. The Mid-band offers a continuously variable Q, while a separate High Pass Filter section includes a distinctive 3 dB resonant peak. The MR3eq’s flexible design and powerful sculpting capabilities make it a versatile tool that enhances a wide array of source materials, proving equally effective in both tracking and mixdown scenarios.

The Harrison sound.
Perfect for both precision EQ’ing and broad musical strokes.
Three-band parametric EQ with +/- 10 dB boost/cut range.
High-frequency (800 Hz –15 kHz) 6 dB/octave Shelf band, switchable to 2nd order bell.
Mid-band (400 Hz – 8 kHz) with continuously variable, proportional Q.
Separate High Pass Filter with characterful 2 dB resonant peak.
Separate ‘In’ switches for EQ and HPF sections.
Input overload LED.
Compatible with 500 Series format chassis.

Manufacturer: HARRISON


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