Bella 32 32 Channel Dante / AES67 Audio Monitor

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Bella 32 is a 2 buss summing matrix confidence monitor designed for outside broadcast trucks, studios, theatre and professional audio applications. It is perfect for easy and cost effective monitoring of multiple network audio sources, ideal for busy production environments and perfect for monitoring multiple network intercom & programme feeds.

The 2 front panel loudspeakers (originally designed as a modern full range flat screen TV driver) are driven from a DSP to compensate for their size, the result is surprisingly good, with clear crisp vocals and highly intelligible reproduction of wider band audio sources. They are driven from a class D amplifier and have sufficient output level for most environments.

Robust proven construction techniques, simple reliable interface and excellent specification will help make your technician’s life hassle free. Whilst the low cost and long asset life will keep the accountant satisfied.

Two available options:
Bella 32 - Dante/AES67
Bella 32/R -Ravenna/AES67

32 Audio channels
2 Preset mix groups available
Dante/AES67 or Ravenna network audio
Each input has a signal present indicator
Adjustable inout gain levels
1U 19" Rack mount.

32 Network Audio Inputs
There are in total 32 network audio inputs that can be routed to the Bella 32. Each input has its own illuminated front panel selection switch and presence indicator.

2 Analogue Audio Inputs
In addition to the 32 network audio inputs there are two mono line level balanced inputs available on rear panel XLRs. These two inputs have their own front panel selection switches and presence indicators.

Channel On/ Solo Select Switches
Each of the 34 inputs has its own channel on/ off switch, that also acts as a solo selector. These switches are bright yellow illuminated push switches and operate in two ways. A short press turns the channel on/ off or a long hold solos that channels inputs. These switches are also used for panning and input gains of the channels.

Each of the 24 inputs can be panned between the left and right loudspeaker outputs. Whilst being panned the bottom of the two front panel PPMs indicates the current panned position making very easy for an operator to setup.

Level Control
To produce a monitor mix suitable for the operator’s application each of the 34 input channels can have its input gain adjusted to suit. Whilst the gain is being adjusted the bottom of the two front panel PPMs indicates the current gain position making very easy for an operator to setup.

Presence Indication
In order to allow the operator to quickly identify which of the 34 audio inputs are currently active, green presence LEDs are provided next to each channels select switch. The channel’s LED will only illuminate if the incoming audio level is above -28dBFs and to prevent lots of annoying flashes as programme levels change the presence LED stays on for 3 seconds after the input drops below the on threshold.

Front Panel Loudspeakers
Two front panel elliptical loudspeakers are fitted. These feature the very latest technology from one of Europe’s leading loudspeaker manufacturers. We believe these are the best sounding single cone drive unit that can fit on a front panel of a 1RU subrack. It is possible to completely turn off the front panel loudspeakers in case you’re using external speakers for monitoring. In this case the Dim and Cut controls still work as expected.

Digital Signal Processing of Internal Loudspeakers
However good they are small loudspeakers have fundamental acoustical limitations, to provide the best possible audible solution for you we carefully measured the speakers fitted in the complete Bella 32 MKII enclosure and provide advanced multi-point digital filtering to enhance the sound as much as possible.

Output Level Control
A front panel shaft encoder acts as the overall volume/ level control. This adjust the overall output level to the loudspeakers, headphone and main mix outputs. The bottom of the two PPMs indicates its current gain state as it is turned to enable an operator to immediately and intuitively see their current volume setting.

Dim & Cut Controls
Front panel illuminated switches are provided to Cut and Dim the outputs. External GPI loop inputs are also provided to allow the outputs to be cut or dimmed from external switches.

Headphone Output
A front panel 6.35mm stereo headphone jack socket is provided to allow the operator to monitor the Bella’s output on headphones. Plugging in a pair of headphones automatically cuts the loudspeaker & analogue mix outputs.

Peak Programme Meters
Left and right output PPMs are provided and are a useful tool for checking audio levels on your network. The 15 LEDs show a range from Full Scale down to -48dBFs

Three Analogue Outputs
Three balanced line level XLR analogue outputs are provided on the rear panel. There is a left and right output of the main mix/solo and a mono output (which is a sum of the left and right outputs). These outputs are all post front panel level control and Dim and Cut circuits.

Balanced AES3 Output
A balanced AES3 output is also provided. This is the left and right output mix/solo.

Network Audio Mix Outputs
There are 3 sets (left/ Right & Mono) of mix outputs sent to the Dante/ AES67 network.These are post front panel select/solo switches and also post input gain and panning circuits. They are also post output volume control. One set of outputs is post dim and cut, another is pre dim and cut whilst the third is post dim but pre cut. In addition to the above there are 3 sets of post front panel select switch outputs (but pre gain/pan/dim/cut).

The 3 outputs are:
1) Mix out of Dante inputs 1 - 12
2) Mix out of Dante inputs 13 - 24
3) Mix out of Dante inputs 25 - 32 + Analogue inputs 1 and 2

As well as the above Dante/ AES67 network mix outputs there are a further 12 fixed ratio permanently on mix outputs being sent to the network.These can be especially useful to help build large network audio systems

Analogue 1 and 2 Outputs
In case you want to use the two analogue inputs as sources on your network both analogue inputs 1 and 2 are presented on the network as individual sources, each after its input gain control.

Tone & White Noise
A very useful hidden feature of the Bella 32 for an engineer are 1kHz tone and white noise outputs. Both of these are available at three different line up levels on the Dante/ AES67 network.

There are two solid state relay outputs active when the front panel Cut LS or Dim LS switches are operated, ideal for connecting to external loudspeaker cut/ dim circuits if required. A number of inputs are also available. One is very useful if your not using the internal loudspeakers as it cuts them, but does not affect the dim and cut busses. The other inputs are for external triggering of the Dim and Cut busses, very useful if you’re working in an area with live mics.

Network Interface
Our widely used Dante®/ AES67 network interface is implemented in the Bella 32. It features 4 network ports, 2 x copper and 2 x SFP slots (normally used for fibre). These network ports can be set to operate in fully redundant mode or as a network switch for connecting other equipment to.

AES67 & SMPTE 2110 Compliant
The Bella 32 uses the much acclaimed Brooklyn module from Audinate as its network audio processor. Audinate have made this module both AES67 and SMPTE 2110 compliant. We provide the firmware to enable the module to work with these standards.

For versatility & redundancy there are 3 power options. An internal wide range mains supply & either of the 2 copper network interfaces can power the unit if connected to a PoE source.

Two front panel group switches are available making it very easy for an operator to switch between two commonly used sets of audio circuits for monitoring. It is very easy for an operator to add/ remove sources from the groups.

Reset Button
A reset button is provided for returning all the inputs to unity gain and panned centre. Very useful if the Bella 32 is being used by different operators at different events. To prevent accidental usage the reset button must be pressed for at least three seconds before a reset will be initiated.

Manufacturer: GLENSOUND


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