Cardioid only F7 Capsule EF12 Tube PSU Cable

Set includes: microphone in wooden box-power supply-cable-shockmount.

You like the U47 sound and you are set up mainly for a cardioid "mood"? Don't really need an omni?

This is the right place for you. The FLEA47 NEXT sounds identical to the FLEA47! Built with the same wiring and components as the FLEA47.

Elimination of the omni pattern allowed us to make slightly different design. Compared to the FLEA47 design the FLEA47 NEXT - comes without a pattern selector which is unnecessary due to the cardioid only modification and a different microphone bottom connector. We used a 7pin Binder connector for the 47 Next.

* Capsule: F7
* Tubetype: EF12
* Directional pattern: Cardioid
* Frequency range: 35Hz - 18kHz
* Sensitivity at 1kHz: 25mV/Pa
* Rated impedance: 50/200 Ohm
* Rated load impedance: min 500/2000 Ohm

Manufacturer: FLEA Microphones


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