KLANG:vokal is designed specifically to match the feature set of KLANG:kontroller but can also work as a stand alone immersive processor. Based on KLANG’s powerful, new generation, ultra-low latency FPGA core, KLANG:vokal offers 12 mixes of 24 mono or stereo inputs at 48kHz and 96kHz, including the revolutionary Root-Intensity EQs. The musicians can pick up to 24 mono or stereo channels out of 64 Dante and MADI inputs. Mixes are sent via Dante to KLANG:kontroller or can also be sent back via MADI or Dante to a mixing console.

Maximum Flexibility and user friendliness make KLANG:vokal and KLANG:kontroller the perfect match for any House of Worship or Theater application.

* 12 Immersive In-Ear Mixes
* 24 Mono or Stereo Inputs, chosen per Mix from up to 64 Mono Inputs
* High End Personal Monitoring System
* Natural immersive sound through binaural technology
* KLANG Root Intensity EQs for all 64 Mono Inputs and all 12 Mixes

64x64ch Dante HC (48kHz and 96kHz)
MADI BNC Input & Output (64x64ch @48kHz or 32x32ch @96kHz)
Word Clock Input & Output
2x USB ports (front and rear) for Updates and Showfile exchange
2x Ethercon combined Dante & Control Network Ports
2x Ethercon combined Dante & Control Network Ports with Multicast Filter
1x PoE enabled Dante & Control Port (front) for direct KLANG:kontroller operation
1x IEC Power Supply 110–240VAC
Processing Latency 1/4ms
96 kHz | 48 kHz
1 RU
Weight: 3.6kg | Size body: 44.0 / 4.5 / 27.5 cm | Front panel (width): 48.5cm | 19 inches

Manufacturer: KLANG : technologies


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