Lavry GOLD Quintessence

SKU: Lavry DA-N5

For over 16 years, the Lavry DA924 has held the highest rank among converters on the market for accuracy, transparency, musicality, and dynamic range. The Lavry Quintessence performance exceeds it in all these aspects while providing additional functionality.

This DAC includes dual stereo XLR outputs (Main and Monitor) with +18 and +24 dBu peak output levels. An intuitive push-button system and rotary knob controls analog Volume adjustment for the Monitor Output with a resolution of ¼ dB over an 80 dB range, and fine calibration of the Main outputs by 0.1 dB steps for a ±0.7 dB range.

The Quintessence has two AES and one SPDIF inputs, which accept standard sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz. Switching between inputs recalls independent Monitor Volume settings from memory for ease of use and ABX comparison. Other features include BAL/UNBAL, Mono, Polarity Inversion, and personalized illumination settings.

* Transparency and accuracy of a Lavry converter
* Three inputs (2) AES and (1) SPDIF
* Main & Monitor XLR outputs
* Output range setting for +18 and +24 dBu peak level for each output
* Balanced/unbalanced setting for each output
* Monitor output has an 80 dB range analog Volume control with .25dB steps
* Volume setting memory for each input
* Output level calibration +/- 0.7dB adjustable in 0.1dB steps
* Mono function
* Polarity Inversion function
* Accepts 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192 kHz inputs
* Large rotary knob for Volume adjustment
* Large illuminated pushbuttons display function status
* Volex V-Lock latching AC power cord

* Tracking
* Mixing
* Mastering
Post Production

Manufacturer: LAVRY


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