Lavry GOLD Savitr

SKU: Lavry AD 24-200

The AD-24-200 Savitr provides improved quaility, and ease of use for the most technically demanding recording and mastering studios.

This frankly astonishing converter outperforms our previous AD122 series converters across the board. The Savitr grants low distortion which redefines the industry standard. It extends the clock range to include 192 kHz, and automates the search for external clock signals.

*The Savitr also offers a 2nd digital audio output with independant user control over audio formats and clocking to either internal or external clock sources.

Pristine audio performance (THD+N) up to 200 kHz sample rate

* Intuitive operation
* High-resolution meter display
* Main & Auxiliary digital outputs
* Independent audio formats (AES/SPDIF)
* Independent clocking (Search & Lock/ Internal)

* MX clipping (on/off)
* Soft saturation levels (4)
* Low Latency mode (on/off)

Manufacturer: LAVRY


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