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Next generation FET compressor with digital recall and automation

FET compressors have been an essential tool in recording studios for over 50 years. Its distinctive sound and reliability have made it a go-to for producers and engineers around the world. The 76-style FET compressor has left its mark on countless hit records which has helped to establish its reputation as a reliable and versatile tool in the recording technology. We have improved this design, creating a whole new level of versatility with seamless DAW integration – We present ng76 – fully analog FET compressor with digital recall.

Main features summary:
*100% analog FET compressor with 24dBu of headroom
*Classic lightning speed compression style based on WesAudio Beta76 design
*Full Total Recall and plugin control compatible with most DAWs
*Classic controls known from FET style compressor – INPUT / OUTPUT / ATTACK / RELEASE
*Additional MIX knob for parallel compression
*Carnhill Transformers (input and output)
*Saturation mode – Special mode where static compression is triggered to produce sonics based on FET circuit, and One knob which sets INPUT and OUTPUT in an opposite way. It allows the use the unit as a saturation box / clipper
*Four ratio settings 4:1 / 8:1 / 12:1 / 20:1 – all possible combinations including ALL button mode!
*Modern and Vintage modes to support two 1176 revisions (F & G):
– Vintage – transformer balanced input,
– Modern – Electronically balanced input
*Sophisticated side chain circuit EQ with two independent sections:
– HPF 60 hz / 90 Hz / 150 Hz – to maintain low end information while compressing,
– High Shelf of 2kHz / 5kHz, 10kHz – to tame high frequencies by emphasizing high/hid mids content
*Vintage gain reduction meter
*Very precise INPUT and OUTPUT metering
*Hardware A/B buttons to compare two independent settings
*THD – total harmonic distortion with LOW and HIGH settings based on the FET circuit
*Fully digitally controlled and isolated analog circuit
*Ethernet and USB connectivity for integration with digital plug-in
*Size: 2U

Manufacturer: WES Audio


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