WES Audio _phoebe

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Main features summary:
· 100% analog microphone/line preamp with +28dBu of headroom.
· Class A fully analog - inspired by famous 1073 design based on dual amp topology.
· Microphone gain up to 75dB.
· Carnhill Transformers (input and output).
· Output signal metering on the front panel with clip detection.
· Phantom power and phase invert control.
· Switchable impedance input (1200/300Ohm).
· All controls/analog settings are fully manageable via the
WesAudio GCon DAW plug-in.
· IRON PAD - passive output attenuation circuit with 1 dB step
(after the output transformer).
· Front panel XLR/TRS socket which supports - HiZ instrument input
(TRS), line input (XLR), microphone input (XLR).
· Recallable signal source to be either back XLR Socket, or front panel
XLR/TRS socket.
· 500 series and ng500 (e.g. _TITAN) series compatible.
· Total Recall and plugin control compatible with most DAWs.
· Analog automation in DAW

Other features:
· Fully digitally controlled and isolated analog circuit.
· Digital recall can be achieved by connecting the unit directly through the front panel mini USB socket,
or using it inside _TITAN chassis.
· Free software and firmware upgrades.

· Line input impedance: 5.5k ohm bridging.
· Noise: unity gain (better than -100dbU) Max gain +75dB
(better than -70dbU).
· EIN: better than -120dB.
· Freq response: +/- 0.5dB 20Hz-20kHz; -3dB at 50kHz.
· Distortion: 0.005% at 1kHz at +20dBu output.
· Max power consumption: 170mA(+16V); 100mA(-16V).

Manufacturer: WES Audio


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