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Next generation tube EQ with digital recall and automation

For decades, tube equalizers have been cherished for their rich, musical sound, shaping the sonic character of countless classic recordings. Our ngTubeEQ elevates this legacy, offering a refined, analog experience seamlessly integrated into the modern digital workflow. With its lush tonal quality and intuitive digital control, the ngTubeEQ is set to become an indispensable tool in studios worldwide, continuing our tradition of blending vintage charm with contemporary functionality. Experience the best of both worlds – the soul of vintage sound and the ease of digital technology with ngTubeEQ.

ngTubeEQ fully analog tube equalizer with digital recall.

Purely analog equalizer boasting an impressive 26dBu headroom.
Features four fully passive, inductor-based bands spanning a frequency range of 22Hz to 28kHz.
Equipped with active low-pass and high-pass variable filters, which can be completely bypassed as needed.
Offers flexible control via DAW/Live plug-in for quick and effortless recall settings.
Dual output design, featuring both a Tube and Carnhill transformer with an IRON PAD, alongside an electronically balanced option.
Includes adjustable Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) control for tailored sound dynamics.
Choice of Proportional Q or Constant Q for versatile equalization shaping.
The equalizer's operational range can be set to either moderate (-5dB to 5dB) or extended (-15dB to 15dB) levels.
Band Listen Mode to isolate and focus on band fundamental content via LPF and HPF adjustment.
Capability to store up to 100 presets on the device's internal memory for operation without plugin integration.

100% analog Tube Equalizer
The ngTubeEQ stands out as a fully analog processing unit, boasting 26dBu of headroom for exceptional clarity and dynamic range. Despite its digital control capabilities for ease of use and precision, the analog signal path ensures that all processing maintains the rich, full quality expected from a premium analog system.

Heart of the Unit: Passive Section
At the core of this unit is a beloved fully passive EQ section, designed around custom inductors. This classic approach to equalization offers the warm, musical sound characteristics that audio professionals and enthusiasts treasure.

4 Passive bands
This unit features four passive EQ bands, each offering 12 selectable frequency points for detailed sound shaping. Bands can be individually disabled for tailored frequency manipulation. The variable Q configuration allows for precise bandwidth adjustments. Covering a total frequency range from 22Hz to 28kHz, each band supports both Bell and Shelf configurations, providing versatility in sound contouring

LPF & HPF Active filters
Our active filter circuit offers adjustable low-pass and high-pass filters with selectable slopes of 12dB/octave or 24dB/octave. The entire circuit can be fully bypassed at the analog level for uncolored audio processing. Controls are variable, allowing for precise adjustments to fit your sound engineering needs.

3 Modes of operation
Enhance your audio processing with three versatile modes designed to fit any production need:

DUAL: Operate two independent channels for distinct processing.
STEREO: Process stereo tracks to enhance and balance the overall sound.
MID-SIDE: Manipulate the mid and side components separately for precise spatial adjustments and stereo imaging.

Carnhill transformers
Transformers in the ngTubeEQ aren’t merely functional for signal processing—they enrich the sound with a warm, sonic saturation that’s essential for high-quality audio production. The Carnhill transformers, integral to this equalizer, infuse your recordings with that sought-after vintage flavor, enhancing the depth and warmth of the audio spectrum.

Total recall and control plugin
This unit offers full control and instant recall capabilities through your DAW plugin, supporting all common plugin formats and digital audio workstations. It features a completely new GUI engine and an intuitive UX design. Designed for optimum ease of use, all parameters are accessible directly from the sweetspot, ensuring seamless adjustments during your creative process.

Selectable output stage
Choose between two distinct output settings to suit your sound preferences:

GREEN: Electronically balanced for a cleaner, punchier sound with minimal sonic imprint.
RED: Tube amplification stage coupled with a transformer balanced output. This setup includes the ‘IRON PAD’ feature, allowing you to increase the unit’s output to aggressively drive the Tube Amplification and transformer sections, while the passive attenuation section maintains consistent output levels.

Hardware A/B/C buttons to compare two independent settings
Experience the simplicity of the ngTubeEQ as a pure analog signal processor. With just the press of a button, effortlessly switch between three parallel settings to enhance your audio workflow.

THD – total harmonic distortion
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): Featuring our proprietary harmonic distortion circuit, this system is fully bypassable via an analog relay for clean, unaltered sound. It includes variable control offering 100 precise steps, integrated seamlessly with the internal gain structure to introduce inductor-based saturation for richer audio.

Propotional and Constant Q
Proportional Q: Widely acclaimed for its musical qualities in numerous EQ designs, Proportional Q dynamically adjusts the bandwidth—narrowing the Q as more boost is applied, which enhances the focus on specific frequencies.
Constant Q: Favored for its precision, Constant Q maintains a fixed bandwidth for each band, regardless of gain changes. This feature is highly valued by professional users seeking meticulous control over their source material, ensuring that frequency adjustments are consistent and predictable.

5dB/15dB Gain Mode
The ngTubeEQ offers versatile gain settings for each band, allowing you to choose between a 5dB or 15dB mode. In the 5dB mode, you can adjust with fine granularity, approximately 0.1dB per step. For more substantial adjustments, the 15dB mode provides increments of about 0.25dB per step, facilitating broader changes with precision.

Plugin Integrated metering
Experience precision with our plugin’s integrated metering, which ranges from 0dBu to 26dBu and includes clip detection to ensure your audio levels are always in check.

Interactive LCD Display: Edit parameters in real-time with our interactive LCD display, which features integrated high-precision metering for detailed and accurate adjustments on the fly.

Plug-in presets database
Our plug-in boasts an unlimited number of presets, providing extensive flexibility and customization. Users can organize their settings into personalized categories. Additionally, each unit comes preloaded with a selection of factory presets, expertly crafted to get you started immediately.

Band Listen Mode
This mode allows for the isolation of the fundamental frequency by using precise adjustments of low pass and high pass filters. This is a unique hardware feature, setting it apart from other hardware equalizers as it is purely based on hardware components, offering an unmatched level of precision and control.

Internal Presets Memory
The device offers the capability to store up to 100 presets in its internal memory. This feature is perfect for users who prefer a plugin-free solution, providing convenience and reliability by allowing easy access to settings directly on the hardware.

Manufacturer: WES Audio


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