WES Audio Supercarrier II

SKU: Supercarrier II

Supercarrier II is a second generation of our very popular Supercarrier I – 500 series standardized chassis. It features 11 slots with innovative ISP technology.
ISP – Independent Slot Power – is a solution which makes a huge breakthrough in 500 series powering system, it allows best accommodation for even most demanding 500 series modules. So what it is all about ? The answer is very simple – based on the ISP technology, each slot is individually supplied with linear power, causing each module to work in totally isolated, and independent way. To say it simple, it is like each of 11 modules would work in separate 500 series frames, what makes it ideal environment for your beloved hardware – without any interference, noise, pops or clicks. To separate each slot even more, we introduced a tantalum caps for each slot to clean the whole frequency spectrum from any other unwanted noise. The chassis itself, is powered by big 100W toroid external supply.

11 slots
ISP (Independent Slot Power) technology
Tantalum caps on each slot
XLR sockets in/out for each slot
DB-25 socket for first 8 slots
Internal stereo link switches
Linear power supply capable to deliver 5A of power
Power mode switch – 115V/230V

Manufacturer: WES Audio


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